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Camp Guide Book! View it here

Young Women Camp Manual as a pdf download, click here.


Did You Know . . . .
Girls Camp is a time for young women to:
Feel the Spirit. Build testimonies. Learn skills. Build friendships. Serve others.
Appreciate God’s creations. Draw closer to God. Have fun!
LDS Church website  www.lds.org



vinyl six bees   A great Girls Camp craft!  Order here.


Pocketcard SLC temple emerald4   Wizard of Oz Camp Theme - Using the Emerald Temple pocketcard as the end of the yellow brick road.  So cute!  Click here.


2013 Stand ye temple block2  Temple Wood Block.  Click here.


YW pencils  The Parable of the Pencil.  Click here.


crepe paper flowers    Crepe Paper Flowers.  Click here.


Fun Girls Camp craft ideas!  Click here.
And even more here.


Camp t-shirt page - we have great pricing! Click here.

I Will Stand FREE sheet music.
Scroll down to the section Music by Christy Riches Hinkson. This is a great song for Young Women!  The music to I Will Stand is available on the Songs for Young Women CD (on the home page of this website, there is sometimes a link to buy CD1 and get CD2 free.)  You can hear a small part of the song here.



  A paper crown great for Princess Girls Camp themes!  Click here.


Camp Craft: Value Colored Family Proclamation - A perfect craft for Girls Camp because the only mess is cleaning up the colored pencils.  Simply print out enough copies of our already completed Proclamation for each table so the girls can see what they need to highlight - and in what color...you can download that here.  More detailed instructions on how to do this for an activity - including how to apply it to PERSONAL PROGRESS, click here.

First Aid Bingo - This is a bingo game from an ambulance service - but can be taught to YW attending camp.  It is quite thorough information about fist aid - click here.  Here is another idea for a bingo card that you can come up with your own questions for from the Camp Manual - click here.  Here is another bingo idea from YW Connection - scroll down the page - click here.

Have a “Young Women Retreat” and camp in your back yard.  This would be fun to do with your YCL’s.

Fundraiser ideas: For a great explanation of a chocolate dipped strawberries fundraiser, click here.  Have a garage sale - this takes lots of planning ahead to gather all the items from ward members and neighbors, but if done right, can yield you lots of money!
*I’ve been told that the Olive Garden Restaurant is usually very generous in donating salad and breadsticks for fundraiser dinners.  Contact your local Olive Garden for more information.
(more ideas coming soon)

Secret Sisters: Set it up like Visiting Teaching.  Have two girls (as a team) assigned to 2 girls.  My brain is still running with ways to implement this... any suggestions?  I think this is a genius idea - teaching the YW about visiting teaching, without them even realizing it.  Email me with your suggestions - I’ll post them here.  I am anxious to find ways to do this.  ywbooks@yahoo.com
Random Secret sister ideas: Do service instead of gifts, have a different theme for each day of camp, secretly perform an act of service for your secret sister, share a favorite scripture and why it was important to you, give her favorite treat, share a letter of appreciation or traits that you admire in your secret sister, make a small, homemade item or share a favorite poem.
Give each girl a wooden spoon at the beginning of camp. At craft time and free time she can work on her spoon to make it look like her secret sister. At the end of camp, when we reveal who our secret sister is, she is presented with the spoon with a stand. It is so much fun. (Idea by Shelly L.)
Friendship Necklaces, an alternative to the traditional secret sister acts. Each girl brings something that represents them in some way - enough for each person at camp.  You then attach it or tie it on a piece of string. Suggestions could be: a bead of their favorite color, a shaped button of something they like, a favorite quote that is laminated with a hole punched in it, etc.... Leaders participate by buying each girl a charm. Each night a few girls explain and hand out their item.  At the end of camp each girl has a friendship necklace that represents everyone at camp that year.
(Idea by Konnie)

Camp themes: *It is highly recommended that camp themes coordinate with the yearly mutual theme put out by the church.  It is important to make camp fun, but it is more important to make it worth their time.  Be wise when choosing camp themes.  I love fun camp themes as much as anyone, but be careful not to use too much “fluff” leaving the ultimate purpose out.
NOW, onto some fun camp themes, which can be incorporated with this year’s world-wide mutual theme given to us by the church.*
L.I.G.H.T.: Let It Guide Her Through
Article of Faith 13: Believe Hope Endure
Seek it: Seek it. Believe it. Do it.
SEEK: Seeking Entrance to the Eternal Kingdom
FFA: Future Faithbuilders of America (playing off Future Farmers of America).
D.U.D.E. Ranch: Daughters United in Divine Excellence
RSVP: Return to the Savior Valiant and Pure
Once Upon A Time: On the front of a t-shirt have "Once Upon A Time" - on the back "Happily Ever After".  The girl wearing the shirt is in the middle and can write her own story, and determine what her happily ever after is.  Each ward/group be a “fairy tale” that can be applied to a scripture or gospel topic.  Or you can focus on friendships - which are happily ever after.  There is a book entitled Princess Bubble, that is a cute picture book.  Another idea is to use the Parable of the Princesses by Jenny Phillips.
Super Heroes:  Use the Real Hero posters as your guide.  Why use imaginary heroes when we have real life heroes to look up to?

Great resource for Dog Tags for Army-type themes for Camp, Youth Conference, Reunions, etc....     http://www.armynavy.com/


BUGS Theme - daily schedule
Camp Compass Activity, created by Alyson White
Camp Pranks, good clean fun!
Camp Schedule - example, created by Alyson White
Camp Skit  
Cinnamon Ornaments
Crafts & Activities for Girls Camp or family reunions  
Emergency kit - pot holder  
Emergency Toilet  
Girls Camp and Personal Progress Goals
Light Switch Plate (Stamps)
Pillow Thought - Dream
Pillow Thought - Honeycomb
Pillow Thought - Kneeling
Pillow Thought - Laughter
Pillow Thought - Popularity
Pillow Thought - Prayer
Pillow Thought - Roses/thorns
Pillow Thought - Smile
Ten Commandments of Camp - small, created by Alyson White
Ten Commandments of Camp - big, created by Alyson White
Walk Tall, You’re a Daughter of God - sheet music #1
Walk Tall, You’re a Daughter of God - sheet music #2
Walk Tall, You’re a Daughter of God - sheet music #3


If you have a camp song recorded, I’d love to post it here for others to hear. 
Email it to me at: ywbooks@yahoo.com

Listen to the tune to some of your long lost camp songs below.  Thank you to SHAN for sharing some camp songs with us!  Her songs are all marked with a ^.
To save a song, right click on title, and “save target as”.

To find lyrics to these songs, you can search them on the internet, or write them down as you listen.  Also - if you search “camp songs” on YouTube, you will find several.

Alice the camel
America ^
Ann Marie ^
Big Blue Frog ^
Chicken ^
Children of the Light 2 ^
Clementine ^
Court of King Caracticus ^
Down on the Banks ^
Edelweiss ^
Every Time That You Act ^
German Doctor ^
God Didn’t Give Me Much ^
Happiness ^
House in the Woods ^
I am a Child of God (camp version) ^
I Love to Wander ^
It is the Evening of the Day ^
Jello Song ^
Kum Bah Yah ^
Late Last Night ^
Liverwurst ^
May the Good Lord Bless and Keep You ^
Misty Song ^
Noah Song ^
Oh Lay Ho La ^
Pass it On ^
Peace of the River ^
Perrywinkle Store ^
Pioneer ^
Princess Pat ^
Rainbow Song ^
Ram Sam Sam ^
Soft Rain ^
Spider’s Web ^
The Beautiful Things ^
Waddily Ocha ^
Walk Tall, You’re a Daughter of God ^
Watermelon Song ^
Your Destiny ^
Zimba ^
Zooloo King ^


Words to camp songs(More coming soon)

ROOT BEER SONG (to doe a deer, a female deer)
Dough - The stuff that buys my root beer!
Ray - The guy who sells me root beer!
Me - The guy who drinks my root beer!
Fa - A long way to the john!
So - Let's have another root beer!
La - A lot a lot of root beer!
Tea - No thanks I'm having root beer!
And that leaves me with no dough


Other websites that may help you with Camp, too:
More camp songs are here     http://www.ldssplash.com/callings/lds_girls_camp/camp_songs.htm
LDS Church Website   http://www.lds.org/pa/display/0,17884,6913-1,00.html 
LDS YW   http://www.lds-yw.com/html/girls_camp.html 
LDS Splash   http://www.ldssplash.com/callings/lds_girls_camp/crafts.htm 
Mormon Girls Camp   http://www.lightplanet.com/mormons/ywc/camp/index.html

You may find other helpful LDS links, on our LDS link page, here.