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Young women ideas for class activities and
YW leader help.
Young Women
products and items
for you and your
LDS young women.

Latter-day Saint Young Women

Office Hours:
M-F 9 am - 3 pm
Closed weekends
and holidays.

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business days.*
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Be sure to check out ALL of our 2016 Mutual Theme Items, CLICK HERE.

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Pali sandals size chart with pictures

Pali Hawaiian Sandals.
Please review sizing chart to be sure you are ordering
the correct size (if you don’t already know what size you need).
Wrong size orders are not subject for returns.

Size? (required)


SOCKS LDS temple young women

Temple Socks! Stand in holy places.
Choose your temple. You can see our temples HERE.

Quantity discounts available:


Quantity? (required)
Size? (required)
Temple: (required)


Wristband I love jesus3

I Love Jesus Wristbands - Leather.
Great for young men & young women.
Fits most - adjustable.

Quantity discounts available:

Choose: (required)
Color: (required)



Personal Progress pouch temple

My Personal Progress
6”x9” Drawstring POUCH.

Has an adorable picture of the temple on it,
with the words My Personal Progress.
Holds your Personal Progress book, journal,
a pen, and For the Strength of Youth Pamphlet.
As seen on our BLOG!
Buy in bulk and SAVE!

Quantity? (required)


Book We are Daughters

We Are Daughters Book
Learn the importance of the words you
repeat each week. This inspirational book
helps you better understand the
Young Women theme by breaking down
each section and sharing the story of how
and why the theme was created. Discover
your divine potential and how important
you are in God’s plan! Thought provoking and
uplifting, this book offers new insights for
parents, leaders, and all young women.
As seen on our blog HERE.



2016 bracelet press forward

2016 bracelet on arm1

2016 Press Forward Silicone Wristband
Aren’t these the coolest?!?!
Wristband fits most.  It has a chain-looking
band, but all silicone, and stretchy.
Black wristband, white graphic.
Suitable for both YW & YM
As seen on our BLOG.

Regular Price: $2.99





2016 notebook come follow me page examples1

Come, Follow Me Notebook, 5”x7”
As seen on our BLOG.
Perfect for taking notes during Sunday lessons, and writing down each week’s challenge.
Also a great place to take notes with your daily scripture studies.
A multi-purpose notebook that is perfect or both YOUNG MEN & YOUNG WOMEN.
Includes: Durable plastic covers, 80 lined pages, a plastic ziplock pouch on
the outside of cover to hold a pen, notecards, lesson handouts, and more!

Regular Price: $5.95/each



Bracelet YW blossom flowers RM

YW Blossom Bracelet
7”-8” adjustable bracelet



laurel wreath pendant

Laurel Wreath pendant - 1.5” tall.
Pendant only - does NOT come with a chain.
Reg price: $9.95 each
Our price: $2.99 each



temple passport

Utah Temple Passport.
A fun way to track the
temples you visit in Utah.
To read more detailed
information about this
visit our BLOG.

Quantity Discount Available:

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Pocketcard SLC temple emerald7

Emerald Temple

Goes great with a Wizard
of Oz camp theme, or
just for any day. 3”x4.5”
Need this bigger?
We sell a digital file of
this temple print HERE.
$ .85



Temple paper box

Temple Paper Box.
Perfect for little prizes, gifts,
handouts, treats, and more!
Comes as a FLAT piece - you will
fold and tape together.
Don’t worry - it’s easy!
Finished folded box is
 3”x3” by 2”tall.  Temple sides
extend 4” above box.
For detailed instructions on how
to fold these, click here.

Quantity: (required)


2013 lanyard w-pouch

Stand ye in holy places
Available with or without
a pouch that holds a
*NEW* youth temple
(pouch size in 2”x3.5”)
**These also make great gifts for
Primary kids turning 12.**




Cookie cutter TEMPLE

Temple Cookie Cutter, 3.5” x 4.5”, SLC
Includes a cookie and frosting recipe.



YW Theme card1

Young Women Theme

$ .85



Value girls color sheet2009

Value Girls Color Sheet,
pkg of 10 sheets.
Each sheet is 8.5”x11”.



YWValue flowers color sheet

Young Women Value Flowers
Color Sheet
, pkg of 10 sheets.
Each sheet is 8.5”x11”.



pocketcard image of Christ

Image of Christ
This is a very cool optical
illusion - your YW will love it!
$ .85



Book of Mormon Reading Chart2

Book of Mormon
Reading Chart.
Makes it easy to track
your progress!
Cardstock, 5”x7”



temple recommend lanyard white-grey2

I Love to See The Temple,
I’m Going There Today
Available with or without
a pouch that holds a
*NEW* youth/adult temple
(pouch size in 2”x3.5”)
**These also make great gifts
for Primary kids turning 12.**



note card YW value flowers

Young Women Value Flowers
Note Cards
$4.50/pkg of 6 cards,
with envelopes



card happy birthday yw values temple

Happy Birthday Card
Value dots w/temple.
Blank inside to write your
own message.
$4.50/pkg of 6 cards,
with envelopes




Card value sqs w flowers2

Card value sqs w flowers

Young Women Value Note
Cards - Square Flowers
Blank inside to write your
own message.
/pkg of 6 cards,
with envelopes



note card YW of Value girls1

Young Women of Value
Note Cards.

Includes all eight value girls
Blank inside to write your
own message.
$4.50/pkg of 6 cards,
with envelopes




Value-able Greetings
Note Cards
Happy Birthday, We Missed You,
Thanks & Congratulations.
(Variety pack has 8 cards,
two of each design)
Blank inside to write your
own message.
$4.50/pkg of 6 cards,
with envelopes

Choose Design:


Stickers DofGod1

Daughter of God stickers
/pkg of 72 stickers



Stickers YW Values Metallic CFI3

YW Value Stickers - Metallic
Each sticker is about 1 inch.
/pkg of 72



stickers YW Values metallic MINI

YW Value Stickers - Metallic
/pkg of 192



vinyl YW torch ideas

Young Women Torch vinyl decal
You can use this decal for so many things!
Inside scriptures, for crafts such as jar lanterns, and much more!
Scroll down the page to see our vinyl colors.
In all the pictures above - the 3.5” size was used.
We DO NOT have CLEAR vinyl.  The clear torch seen above is made by removing the vinyl after spraying with etching spray.
*You are ordering the height of the torch - kept proportional
for the width*

Height Size?
Vinyl Color? (required)


Christ head

Christ Head vinyl decal
Sizes listed are approximate.
For an idea on how to use this
graphic, click here
*This is for the Christ head
ONLY-without any wording*

Vinyl Color?


vinyl name board 2x8

Vinyl Name Board - Makes a perfect Girls Camp craft!
Final size is approx 2”x8”.  Easy and affordable!
Price includes wood (NOT painted or sanded),
and two vinyl pieces (one name, one Daughter of a King).
Please tell us the name and which two vinyl colors you want.
Name color first.
For example:  “Hailey, yellow, pink”

**Wood cannot be shipped internationally**

Name & Color, "Daughter" Color

If you want to order just the vinyl, it is available on our vinyl site:
We Cut Vinyl


See yourself with SAVIOR vinyl1

See yourself with the SAVIOR
vinyl decal with wording.

*For etching onto glass/mirror
with cream, be sure to
order your decal INVERTED
(as the vinyl color).

SIZE? (required)
Vinyl Color? (required)


YW Blocks both fonts
Young Women Value Blocks vinyl lettering.
Available in two different styles - mixed up fonts, or plain font.
Each value is 3” square.
If you want the words to be their respective value color - in the
vinyl color box type in: “value colors”.
Also available on our We Cut Vinyl website.
For instructions on how to make these blocks, click here.

Vinyl Color?


Christus small

Christ Statue - 3” tall.
White marble.
** This is a SMALL statue,
only 3” tall **



See yourself pink mirror

See yourself in the Temple Vinyl Decal.  Comes with temple and wording as ONE decal.
*Shown in photo - {for 5”x7”} decal on MIRROR PAPER*

We now offer the MIRROR PAPER as another option instead of putting it on glass or a mirror.
This can be hung with ribbon.  Genius!! 
Detailed instructions on our blog, click here.

Be sure to tell us:
1.  Which temple you want (you can see our temple selection here)
2.  What color you want the decal to be.   *For etching onto glass with cream, be sure to order your
     decal INVERTED  (as the vinyl color, type in: Salt Lake, INVERTED)*
To see examples of this design in different vinyl colors and with different fonts, click here.

SIZE? (required)
Temple & Color? (required)

Here is a resource for 5x7 mirrors.  Here are some 8x10 mirrors.   You can get these, then find a cute frame
to put them in.   (I have not used this resource - so buy at your own risk.)


girl with crown silhouette

Cute Girls with Crowns.
Daughter of a King,
Daughter of God, etc...
Click here.





Charm Hold to Rod RM

Hold to the Rod Zipper Pull



Charm SLC temple zipper pull

Salt Lake Temple Zipper Pull
This is a larger temple charm - Temple itself is 1.25” tall
Not available as just a charm - only as zipper pull.




Believe (I Believe) Charm




Faith Charm



Charm YW

YW Charm SET
(2 individual charms)




Young Women torch
Reg price: $3.99 (charm)
Our Price:



Charm liahona LDS1

Liahona Charm
Reg price: $3.99 (charm)
Our Price:



2014 charm book of mormon1

Charm - Book of Mormon

We also have CAMP charms.



charm laurel wreath

Laurel Wreath Charm
The symbol for the
Laurel class.
Reg price: $3.99 (charm)
Our Price:



Charm rose1

Rose Charm
The symbol for the
Mia Maid class
Reg price: $3.99 (charm)
Our Price:




Beehive Charm
The symbol for the
Beehive class.
Reg price: $3.99 (charm)
Our Price:



2013 charm Salt Lake temple

View on our blog here.
Reg price: $3.99 (charm)
Our Price:



Charm I love jesus

I Love Jesus CHARM
Reg price: $3.99 (charm)
Our Price:




Charm Bracelet
All of our charms come with a
split ring attached to it so
they can be attached onto a
Charm bracelet-7.25” long
Only $2.50



Cookie cutter FANCY FRAME3

Fancy Frame Cookie Cutter, 3.5”x4.5”
Includes a cookie and frosting recipe.


colored pencils YW

Young Women Colored
 Scripture Pencils
with holder
 and sharpener.
Comes with 12 miniature (3.5”)
 colored pencils.  Perfect for
 marking your scriptures.
Colors include: yellow, lt green,
 drk green, lt blue, drk blue,
black, pink, red, purple, brown,
 gold, orange.
Total height of
container is 4-inches.



be-the-chocolate-chip-coverA book for LDS youth.  Be the Chocolate Chip
The chocolate chip became famous for
 its ability to stand firm against the
heat of the oven.  Be the Chocolate
helps bring to life the qualities
that help us as followers of Christ and
 members of the Church of Jesus
Christ of Latter-day Saints stand strong
 and firm in a world of
ever-increasing heat.  This book
outlines four steps that we can
follow each and every day to stay firm
 and strong, and help to be the
chocolate chips in the cookies of life.
5.5”x8.5”, 29 pages

Perfect for youth, as well as visiting teachers and home teachers.
You can read a paragraph from the book here.
Our price $6.95





CTR Shield
CTR shield!  Available on our vinyl website We Cut Vinyl.  Click here.



YW plaque stand prom dresses1vinyl stand witness prom dress1

vinyl stand witness swim suits1




vinyl family word block
Family Picture Block.  Perfect for a quick crafty activity.
Wonderful for camps, overnight-type activities, and retreats!
Order the vinyl on our vinyl website, We Cut Vinyl 




Need more vinyl choices?  Visit our vinyl website We Cut Vinyl

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